Range Rover Promotional Fulfilment

Often great promotional ideas can seem complex to fulfil until you get a specialised fulfilment partner involved. Managing complex, personalised promotions is what we do, with a team that is dedicated to ensure your promotion connects with your customer every time.

Working with Range Rover on their Rugby World Cup promotion, our unique personalisation systems allowed us to create the ultimate promotional gifts – personalised world cup pyjamas to watch the games taking place in the Northern hemisphere overnight.

Taking the winners from each week, we supplied their names to the embroidery supplier while at the same time printing personalised swing tags to match the pyjamas. When the pyjamas were returned, our attentive team matched the individual pyjamas with the named swing tags, as well as packing and mailing the gifts.

A great way to connect with the Range Rover customers and build brand loyalty.

Project services included:

  • Direct mail concepts.
  • Promotional sourcing.
  • High quality digital printing.
  • Data handling and management.
  • Premium fulfilment.
  • Premium mailing services.