Personalised Event Invitations & Registration

Personalised event invitations often lead to increased event and conference registrations, particularly if you can include the customer’s name in the imagery and offer a personalised online sign up form.

Working with the International Quality and Productivity Centre, the Centrica team created a highly targeted direct marketing campaign that focused on personal invitations to the National Executive Assistant and Personal Assistant congress.

The direct mail invite included the person’s name within the imagery and text, engaging more fully and resulting in increased response rates.

In addition, each invite included a personalised URL / webpage to sign up for the event, where some of the personal details were already completed – making the sign-up process simpler and more effective.

Project services included:

  • Creative direct marketing concepts.
  • Design and visual direct mail creation.
  • Full colour printing.
  • Data handing and management.
  • Mailing services.
  • Personalised URLs.
  • Response rate reporting.